Wednesday, October 18, 2017


In the exquisitely even-handed manner that is his trademark and in his usual careful language, Ontario’s former top public servant Tuesday called former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty a big fat liar.
Peter Wallace was being cross-examined by Brian Gover, lawyer for former McGuinty chief of staff David Livingston.
Livingston and his former deputy, Laura Miller, are pleading not guilty to charges relating to their alleged destruction of documents about the McGuinty government’s billion-dollar decision to cancel two gas-fired electricity plants in Oakville and Mississauga.


As the mainstream media continues to obsess over $100,000 worth Facebook ads allegedly purchased by Russian spies in 2016 seeking to throw the presidential election, we're almost certain they'll ignore the much larger Russian bombshell dropped today in the form of newly released FBI documents that reveal for the very first time that the Obama administration was well aware of illegal bribery, extortion and money laundering schemes being conducted by the Russians to get a foothold in the atomic energy business in the U.S. before approving a deal that handed them 20% of America's uranium reserves and resulted in a windfall of donations to the Clinton Foundation. 


“THC is a more complex molecule than alcohol and the science is unable to provide general guidance to drivers about how much cannabis can be consumed before it is unsafe to drive or before the proposed levels would be exceeded.”
How much marijuana can you consume and still be safe to drive? The government doesn’t know.
How much marijuana can you consume before you’re over the legal limit? The government doesn’t know.


The Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government is flouting accounting rules and taking on an unnecessary $4 billion in extra borrowing costs — to be applied to future electricity bills — to keep the true cost of its Fair Hydro Plan buried, Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk says.
A battle between accountants is not usually the stuff of Hollywood blockbusters, but Queen’s Park was enthralled Tuesday as Lysyk and her experts faced off against the government and its counter experts.


That’s why Morneau’s continuing troubles are so disheartening. Canada needs someone like him up there steering the ship, above reproach. But this past week has seriously called Morneau’s judgment into question.
But he’s yet to be completely forthcoming with the public and opposition. On Monday, Prime Minister Trudeau ran interference for his key minister at a Stouffville, Ontario, press conference, insisting on answering questions put directly to Morneau, who stood beside the PM, about his undisclosed villa in France.
“You have to ask a question of me first – because you get a chance to talk to the Prime Minister,” Trudeau bizarrely said.


re Boyle & Coleman: 
As for their rescue by Pakistan’s army, Amrullah Saleh, a former national security advisor of Afghanistan, wrote in the Indian Express, in a story headlined, “Donald Trump is taken in by Pakistan’s deceitful acts”:
“It is an open secret in Kabul that the US-Canadian couple and their family that was recently rescued had been kept in Waziristan for some time, in the exact same part of Pakistan where the Pakistan army only recently declared Mission Accomplished in its Zarb-e-Azb operation and sent all the bad and unwanted terrorists to Afghanistan ... So when they were released as a result of a well-planned, well-executed surgical operation in which only four tyres of a vehicle were punctured, we all laughed.”

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


High turnout in the campaign resulted in long line-ups at the polls and some voting stations running out of ballots on Monday. 
Polls officially closed at 8 p.m., though those who were already in line at the time were still able to cast their ballots.
But with some frustrated voters choosing to leave rather than wait, the chaos at the polling stations had caused some consternation among the campaigns.