Saturday, January 20, 2018


A wind turbine has snapped in half and is currently sitting bent over in an open field in Chatham-Kent.
The approximately 160-tonne turbine is located at Drake Road and 16 Line at Raleigh Wind Power facility in Dillon, Ont. The turbine buckled overnight, according to Terraform Power director of investor relations Chad Reed.
"The collapse involved a single turbine at our 52-turbine Raleigh facility," Reed told CTV News. "TerraForm has not experienced any similar issues at any of its wind facilities globally."


The usual fake news sources are hysterically parroting the standard NOAA and NASA fake news about 2017 being the hottest something or other.


WENTE:  I am as lapsed a Christian as they come. But I have a lot of time for people such as Mr. Dreher, who argue that the new orthodoxy of secular individualism is no more tolerant of difference than any other faith. We just don't see it – because, like all true believers, we believe that people who don't agree with us suffer from disordered thinking.
The law increasingly exists not to protect minority opinion but to impose majority opinion, Mr. Dreher has written. "Those institutions that hold to Christian orthodoxy are going to be increasingly isolated and stigmatized."
That is why you will find Mr. Trudeau in mosques, temples, shrines and smudging ceremonies. But one place you won't find him is in Pastor Jones's or Ms. Redshaw's church. Diversity is all very well – but only when it's good for the brand.


   The ongoing border skirmish between Saskatchewan and Alberta over licence plates has so far mostly been a war of words, but a deadline next week could see it escalate, with the potential for hefty fines and possible trade sanctions.
  That is, unless Saskatchewan backs down first.
  Last month, Saskatchewan banned vehicles with Alberta plates from government construction sites, an attempt to make sure the province’s construction workers weren’t taking jobs that might otherwise have gone to Saskatchewanians.


OTTAWA — A Finnish company, Arctia Ltd.,  has raised red flags over the Trudeau government's decision to launch negotiations with Quebec shipyard Davie for the lease of four icebreakers without conducting a competition.
   Arctia isn't alone in questioning the decision to forego a competition to address an anticipated shortage of Canadian Coast Guard icebreakers in the coming years.   Alan Williams, who previously oversaw military procurement at the Department of National Defence, suggested the government could face legal challenges from companies for entering into direct negotiations with Davie.
"I can't help but wonder, what is the legal justification to bypass competition?" Williams said.


When Khawlah Noman claimed a man in his 20s twice tried to cut her hijab that quickly became a national story in Canada. Toronto mayor John Tory and Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne weighed in on the case, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proclaimed that in an “open and welcoming country” like Canada “incidents like this cannot be tolerated.”  Trouble is, according to police the incident “did not happen”
 Last October 8, Habbibullah Ahmad, 21, attacked Anne Widholm as she strolled on the Ganatchio trail in Windsor, Ontario. The 75-year-old grandmother suffered “the worst skull fractures I’ve seen in my 12 years here in Windsor,” as neurosurgeon Dr. Balraj Jhawar told reporters. The victim’s lacerated scalp, bruised face and fractured neck vertebrae were “among the most brutal things I’ve seen in my career.”
Ontario premier Kathleen Wynne, who campaigns against bullying, made no statement on the case and offered no public support for Anne Widholm. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau likewise ignored the case and did not warn that such incidents “could not be tolerated.”


Controversy surrounds Robert Mueller and his investigation into the Trump-Russia collusion mirage.  Some maintain that he is the ultimate professional dedicated to following the truth, but others say he is a political hack.
There is no need to wonder about how Mueller operates.  His history has made it quite clear.  One needs only to study his actions as FBI director when he managed the FBI's most important investigation ever.